Raw Food Diet Information

Are you starting a raw food diet? Planning a detox? After a little fresh inspiration? RawFoods-LivingFoods.com is here to make eating your fruit and vegetables simple, tasty, and fun.

Let me tempt you to a delicious fresh juice, a gorgeous fruit smoothie, or perhaps you're in the mood for some decadent raw desert?

Come and join me as I expose the myths, discover the facts, and create lots of simple tasty raw food recipes.

Discover how to make delicious fruit and vegetable juices

As well as lots of lovely juicer recipes, there are handy tips and information for everyone with an interest in juicing and blending for health.

Why Juice?

Juicing is one of the best ways to increase the amount of raw fruit and vegetables in your diet.

Freshly made juice is a rich source of essential vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and enzymes.

Best of all fresh juice tastes fantastic!

Learn to make fruit smoothies taste gorgeous and creamy

Blending is the easiest way to create healthy drinks and puddings that are both nutritious and easy to digest. Fruit smoothies are an excellent source of fiber. Green smoothies are particularly good for us, and surprisingly tasty.

So go on - Treat yourself to some delicious juices and smoothies. Salad's never tasted so good!

Sprouting for Health

When you sprouts seeds they stop being dormant and become fully alive. As a seed sprouts enzymes are activated which convert inactive nutrients into active ones that enable the seed to grow. Sprouts are rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins and can be sprouted all year round.

Starting a Raw Food Diet

A plant-based raw food diet is one in which you eat anything between 50% to 100% fresh raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. The 100% raw vegan diet is often eaten as a short term detox diet.

Tips to Eat More Raw

  • Make your first meal of the day a large juice or smoothie. If your not hungry or thirsty before you leave home then store it in a bottle and take it with you.
  • Stock up your house with lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds.
  • Eat raw until lunchtime. This is a gentle way of starting with raw food.
  • Enjoy a fresh salad with your cooked meals.
  • Learn how to make decadent raw desserts.


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