How to Grow Sprouts - Nature's Living Superfoods

I love sprouting. There is something of the miraculous about turning a dormant seed into a living plant. When a seed germinates or sprouts it is turned into a nutrient rich superfood.

What is a sprout?

A sprout is the stage a seed goes through as it comes to life, and before it has put down roots and become a plant. It contains within itself all it needs to sustain life for its first few days of growth. As a seed sprouts enzymes are activated which convert stored inactive nutrients into an incredibly rich food for the new baby plant. Many healthy eaters see sprouts as the best source of food on the planet. They are rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins and can be sprouted all year round.

What are sunflower greens?

Sunflower greens are baby sunflowers. They are rich in chlorophyll and extremely tasty and nutririous. They are usually grown from whole sunflower seeds in soil or compost, and can also be grown in an automatic sprouter.

What can I sprout?

Most beans, seeds, and grains will sprout, but some are much easier and tastier than others. Easy beans to sprout include mung beans, lentils, and alfalfa. Easy seeds and nuts include sunflower, sesame, hemp, and almonds. I also like to grow sunflower greens from whole sunflower seed, and sprout wheat berries to grow wheatgrass for juicing. For more info please click on the links below.

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