> How to Make a Green Smoothie Taste Good

How to Make a Green Smoothie Taste Good

Equipment Needed

To make a green smoothie you need a blender. Any blender will do, but the more powerful the better. High powered blenders such as the Vitamix and Blendtec blenders are fantastic. My current blender has a 600w motor and makes lovely smooth green drinks out of a wide range of greens.

Basic Green Smoothie Recipe


how to make a green smoothie

  1. First add 2 cups of water into your blender.

  2. Then prepare the fruit and add to the blender. Ripe bananas are great in smoothies, as are mangoes, apples, and pears. We all have different tastes. Choose fruit that you love the taste of.

  3. Next add a handful of leafy greens. If you need more space then blend the fruit and water first. Start by using one of the sweeter greens such as baby spinach, cos lettuce, of mixed salad leaves. The research show that 60% fruit to 40% greens is a really healthy combination, but begin by adding a small handful of leaves. Now blend until really smooth and taste for sweetness.

Green smoothie making is not an exact science. It doesn't really matter what order you add things to your blender - as long as the blender can turn over, and the end result tastes good.

Some thoughts on how to make a green smoothie taste good...

  • It's essential to make it sweet enough for your taste buds. Use sweet ripe fruit, and start by adding just a small amount of one of the sweeter leafy greens such as baby spinach, or cos lettuce. You can always add more.
  • Experiment with lots of different combinations of fruit and leafy greens until you fall in love.
  • Usually people like to make their green smoothies nice and runny so they are easy to drink. If it looks too thick then add some more water and blend again.
  • You may prefer to make them thick like puddings and eat them with a spoon - it's all a matter of personal taste. In this case add only as much liquid as you need for your blender to turn over. Mangoes and bananas are good for creating lovely thick smoothies.
  • If you fancy something warm, then blend it for longer (but not too long!). I like to run my 600w blender for a good couple of minutes on a cold winters day.
  • And if you want an ice cold smoothie then use frozen fruit, or add ice cubes. You can freeze freshly made orange and pineapple juice in ice-cube trays to use in smoothies.

Tasty things to add to a Green Smoothie...

  • Lemon or lime (peeled). These add a lovely zesty tang, and cut through the "green" taste. They also keep the smoothie fresh if you are saving some to eat later.

  • Ginger - adds warmth. I love to add ginger to my winter juices and smoothies.

  • Healthy sweetener such as soaked dates - for extra sweetness.

  • Cinnamon - lovely with apples.

  • Vanilla - cuts through the green taste, and makes strong tasting greens such as kale more palatable.

  • Healthy fats. Try adding a teaspoon of raw nut butter, a handful of shelled hemp seeds, or half an avocado for extra creaminess.

  • Alternatively replace the water with a nut or seed milk for a creamy deeply satisfying smoothie. I love to use raw almond milk.

  • Frozen fruit or ice cubes.

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