大学可能会有压力. The Help-A-Zip Referral is a great way to connect with a staff member for resources, 指导, 以及与万博APP部门的连接. Support and resources are available for graduate, law, and undergraduate students.


  • 学者 (missed assignments, academic shortfalls, repeated absence from class, academic advising, etc.);
  • 心理健康 (咨询服务、抑郁、焦虑、物质依赖等.);
  • 技术 (访问chromebook,热点,网络摄像头等.)
  • 财务状况 (意想不到的经济困难, 教科书成本, FAFSA, 金融账户持有, 赠款和贷款, 学费/费用, etc.);
  • 个人/社会调整 (人际关系、社会满足、乡愁等.) or;
  • 健康/健康金融援助 (卫生服务处的探访券及流感疫苗注射券).

正常情况下, this quick and easy form provides ZipAssist with basic information about individual student needs and concerns. 作为对提交的回应, a member of the team will reach out in response to a submission with resources and an opportunity to schedule a meeting for conversation and 支持.


调用 万博APP警察局 在任何时候 330-972-2911 or 9-1-1.

万博APP's 辅导测试中心 有空位.m. 至5便士。.m.,周一至周五. Call 330-972-7082.

More than 50 percent of college students admit to having suicidal thoughts at some point in their lives.

Typical reasons for college students to attempt suicide include relief from physical or emotional pain, 分手后, 或者因为学业上的困难. 自杀是可以预防的. 为你或朋友寻求帮助.


为性行为不端受害者提供帮助: 现在得到帮助.


  • 万博APP警察: 330-972-2911 24/7提供
  • 万博APP Title IX团队: Trained 万博APP staff and 教师 that can answer your questions about reporting sexual misconduct
  • 麦地那和高峰县强奸危机中心: 员工直接与万博APP学生合作. 该中心提供危机干预, 支持, 为性侵幸存者提供宣传和其他资源. 该中心的24小时热线是330-434-RAPE. 该中心在校园内设有办公室,位于学生娱乐246室 & 健康中心. 在正常工作时间致电校园办公室330-972-6328.


It is most important for students to know that Mike and the Rape Crisis Center employees are committed to 支持ing individuals who have experienced sexual violence, but they have different responsibilities as it relates to confidentiality when it comes to reporting an incident. 

Here’s what you need to know about how federal and state regulations define reporting responsibilities:

  • 与第九条副协调员的对话, 尽可能的保密, but information about sexual misconduct incidents must be shared with relevant administrators (and in the case of sexual assault, 与执法), so that the university can take any action necessary to protect the safety of the campus community and to comply with Ohio’s crime reporting laws.
  • If a person indicates a desire to report a sexual assault to any 万博APP employee, that employee should advise the person about her/his applicable reporting obligations and available confidential resources. A 万博APP employee may have an obligation to report sexual misconduct to law enforcement or a Title IX Coordinator. 请参阅有关报告义务的更多信息.
  • Confidential resources on campus available to sexual assault survivors are licensed counselors at 万博APP’s 辅导测试中心 (330-972-7082)或 学生健康服务 (330-972-7808). 
  • 强奸危机中心的团队不是万博APP的员工, 和大学雇员没有相同的报告义务. A sexual assault survivor who reaches out to the center can remain anonymous. 

Anyone who has experienced sexual assault does not have to file a formal complaint to receive assistance, but will receive information about all of her/his options to keep themselves and the campus safe. All efforts will be made to respect the privacy wishes of victims of sexual assault; however, the university must balance all requests for privacy/confidentiality with the need to provide a safe learning and working environment for all.

We prepared to help any students through the difficult course of actions that are required to recover from a sexual assault.

护理团队 is a group of University professionals who provide 指导 and assistance to students who are experiencing crises, 古怪的:表现出古怪或不寻常行为的, or are engaging in other behaviors that may be perceived as being harmful (either to the student individually, 或其他). CARE代表危机、评估、推荐和评估

CARE团队接受转介并回应学生(及其家人), 教师, 和工作人员)关心学生的健康, 福利, 安全是确定的.

护理团队 also 支持s members of the University community who interact with at-risk students by assessing and evaluating situations, 与涉及或受学生行为影响的个人沟通, and providing referrals and resources to assist and address behavioral concerns.


万博APP's 辅导测试中心 有空位.m. 至5便士。.m.,周一至周五. 打电话给330-972-7082.

The University offers an 8-hour certification for Mental Health First Aid for Higher Education. 看到细节.

学生健康服务为在校学生提供健康服务. 预约请. Call 330-972-7808.

学生健康服务中心位于 学生康乐和健康中心卡罗尔街382号260室. 阿克伦,哦,44325 - 1101.



当学生健康服务中心关闭的时候, students needing immediate medical attention for acute illnesses or injuries may seek care at Akron City Hospital or Cleveland Clinic Akron General. 医院治疗和/或救护车运输费, 如果需要, 是学生的责任吗.

请参阅提供晚间和周末时间的医疗机构 大阿.

万博APP's 校园橱柜 能帮助获得食物吗. 可以提出要求 online.

For 支持 and/or access to 技术 during the delivery of online classes, please 完成这张表格.



学术问题,转介通知书将送交 ZipAssist员工之一. This colleague will make attempts to contact the student and recommend resources appropriate for the situation, and connect the student to their appropriate advising unit for further assistance.

学费/费用推荐 将由 ZipAssist员工之一, who will access available resources and then discuss options with the student.

任何的转诊 个人/社会性质 将由 ZipAssist员工之一, who will contact the student to assess the nature of the concern and connect the student to appropriate resources including the 辅导测试中心, 辅导, 校园和/或社区机构的各种办公室. Some referrals involve more than one resource and the Help-A-Zip team will work collaboratively to address complex concerns with colleagues across campus.

任何属于 紧急财政援助性质 将由 ZipAssist人员. These professionals will access available resources and discuss immediate options with the student.

对于任何 ZipsTech请求, 推荐人将被发送给ZipAssist的一名员工, 谁将审查您的学生帐户,以核实该项目的资格. 如果符合条件, he or she will connect you with the Computer Center to schedule a pickup of the device(s).



330-972-6467 or